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Countries supported for mapping

Below is a list of countries currently supported for mapping at admin levels 1,2 and 3. Please refer to HDX for Pcodes. If a country you want is not in the list or you want it's filesize reduced please contact us.


Supported - Small file - Suitable for low bandwith connection

Supported - Medium file - Suitable for medium bandwitdh connection

Supported - Large file - Suitable for fast bandwitdh connection

Supported - V. Large file - Suitable for fast bandwith connection

Not supported at this admin level

File sizes shown are for compressed .gz files supported by modern browsers.

CountryAdmin 1Admin 2Admin 3
AngolaYes (23.0KB)Yes (48.0KB)Yes (93.0KB)
BangladeshYes (101.0KB)Yes (162.0KB)No
BeninYes (5.0KB)Yes (12.0KB)No
Bolivia, Plurinational State ofYes (25.0KB)Yes (55.0KB)Yes (85.0KB)
BrazilYes (193.0KB)Yes (3.0MB)No
Burkina FasoYes (28.0KB)Yes (45.0KB)Yes (103.0KB)
BurundiYes (27.0KB)Yes (51.0KB)No
CambodiaYes (27.0KB)Yes (59.0KB)Yes (183.0KB)
CameroonYes (17.0KB)Yes (31.0KB)Yes (66.0KB)
Central African RepublicYes (18.0KB)Yes (41.0KB)Yes (63.0KB)
ChadYes (12.0KB)Yes (17.0KB)Yes (1.0KB)
ColombiaYes (70.0KB)Yes (69.0KB)No
ComorosYes (17.0KB)Yes (19.0KB)Yes (22.0KB)
CongoYes (12.0KB)Yes (21.0KB)No
Congo, the Democratic Republic of theYes (37.0KB)Yes (78.0KB)No
Cote d'IvoireYes (43.0KB)Yes (70.0KB)Yes (139.0KB)
DRC Health ZonesNoYes (119.0KB)No
EcuadorYes (28.0KB)Yes (58.0KB)Yes (116.0KB)
EgyptYes (42.0KB)Yes (89.0KB)Yes (401.0KB)
EthiopiaYes (14.0KB)Yes (45.0KB)Yes (153.0KB)
GeorgiaYes (14.0KB)Yes (26.0KB)No
GuatemalaYes (14.0KB)Yes (48.0KB)No
GuineaYes (15.0KB)Yes (21.0KB)Yes (50.0KB)
HaitiYes (27.0KB)Yes (58.0KB)Yes (110.0KB)
IndonesiaYes (54.0KB)Yes (90.0KB)No
Iran, Islamic Republic ofYes (38.0KB)Yes (109.0KB)No
IraqYes (12.0KB)Yes (25.0KB)Yes (45.0KB)
KenyaYes (52.0KB)Yes (121.0KB)No
Klanndestan (Imaginary Training country)Yes (11.0KB)Yes (18.0KB)Yes (21.0KB)
Korea, Democratic People's Republic ofYes (16.0KB)Yes (31.0KB)No
KyrgyzstanYes (30.0KB)Yes (54.0KB)Yes (198.0KB)
Lao People's Democratic RepublicYes (22.0KB)Yes (45.0KB)No
LebanonYes (29.0KB)Yes (46.0KB)Yes (299.0KB)
LiberiaYes (13.0KB)Yes (31.0KB)No
Libyan Arab JamahiriyaYes (6.0KB)Yes (10.0KB)No
MalawiYes (24.0KB)Yes (44.0KB)Yes (110.0KB)
MaliYes (12.0KB)Yes (19.0KB)Yes (62.0KB)
MauritaniaYes (8.0KB)Yes (11.0KB)Yes (24.0KB)
MozambiqueYes (23.0KB)Yes (62.0KB)Yes (94.0KB)
MyanmarYes (72.0KB)Yes (100.0KB)Yes (155.0KB)
NamibiaYes (21.0KB)Yes (40.0KB)No
NepalYes (15.0KB)Yes (98.0KB)No
NigerYes (7.0KB)Yes (17.0KB)No
NigeriaYes (32.0KB)Yes (120.0KB)Yes (58.0KB)
PakistanYes (15.0KB)Yes (50.0KB)Yes (97.0KB)
Palestinian Territory, OccupiedYes (29.0KB)Yes (14.0KB)No
Papua New GuineaYes (55.0KB)Yes (62.0KB)Yes (78.0KB)
SenegalYes (14.0KB)Yes (22.0KB)Yes (30.0KB)
Sierra LeoneYes (18.0KB)Yes (26.0KB)Yes (66.0KB)
SomaliaYes (7.0KB)Yes (10.0KB)No
South SudanYes (17.0KB)Yes (24.0KB)No
Sri LankaYes (21.0KB)Yes (26.0KB)Yes (66.0KB)
SudanYes (18.0KB)Yes (39.0KB)No
Syrian Arab RepublicYes (15.0KB)Yes (29.0KB)Yes (55.0KB)
ThailandYes (61.0KB)Yes (161.0KB)Yes (511.0KB)
TogoYes (5.0KB)Yes (11.0KB)No
UkraineYes (90.0KB)NoNo
VanuatuYes (31.0KB)Yes (42.0KB)No
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofYes (51.0KB)Yes (126.0KB)No
Viet NamYes (86.0KB)Yes (199.0KB)No
YemenYes (35.0KB)Yes (91.0KB)No
ZambiaYes (25.0KB)Yes (66.0KB)No
ZimbabweYes (31.0KB)Yes (67.0KB)No